Bitcoin Gathering in Wilderness at Wildfarm Backpackers!

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Bitcoin Gathering in Wilderness at Wildfarm Backpackers!

Join us for the first-ever Bitcoin Summit in Wilderness later next week 17 December!!! We gonna go all out with this event with info session workshops of different kinds! DJs, food and accommodation and camping in the wilderness!!! The will be a one-day event! Firstly we will start at 10 am with the speakers 20 to 30 min talks with 15 min questions! Secondly, we will have some lunch and then the rest of the speakers! After dinner will be the techno party to dance your bitcoin socks off!!!


This year we only have local speakers but in the future hope to attract more people from elsewhere that are bitcoin enthusiasts!!!

Workshops talks discussions and other info sessions by local speakers!

Topics we will be discussing is cryptocurrencies, use cases, play to earn and other great topics to explore! The event will be at wildfarm backpackers and they have great accommodation and facilities! We will have lunch and dinner as well on the days of discussions! This event is for everyone that wants to learn and invest in their future! Firstly, at the same time, we are not financial advisors and don’t give investment advice! We discuss and learn about the new technology that bitcoin is!

Bitcoin Summit invWilderness!
Come join us at the bitcoin summit in Wildfarm

17 December 2021 Bitcoin Wilderness Gathering at Wildfarm!

This is gonna be a first for Wilderness and Bitcoin! We hope to have all the digital nomads here too!!! It’s aimed at the online crypto nomad lifestyle of the future! We bring enthusiasts together to grow and learn!

This Bitcoin Gathering in Wilderness will be for everyone that wants to learn about the new cryptocurrencies available!


Bitcoin Wilderness is going to throw an epic Bitcoin Themed Party!!!

Here you will find like-minded people and enthusiasts that all enjoy the technology of Bitcoin!!! There is no other place in the area where you can find like-minded people! Join us for this Bitcoin Gathering event it will be small but it will be great to learn!


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