Bitcoin up or down is the Big question today!!!???

Bitcoin up or down is the Big Question today!!!???

Bitcoin at Crossroads up or down is the big Question!!!??? And that is the question we gonna try and answer in the next few days!!!

All we can do is wait and see really! The long-term fundamentals are rock solid!!! Most of the internet is bullish long-term so you cant go wrong!!!

My point is so many people is busy making money right now and it’s only the start of the next bull run! The next bull run is gonna make everyone gasp for air!!!

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Bitcoin is on a long bullrun and will shock people this year!

Just look at how much money is flowing in to it right now!!! There is 200 trilion in stocks, bonds and gold! If only 2 percent of that flows into the crypto market we are going to se very big things coming in the next few years!!!

Check out this website called coinmarketcap!!! They have real good info on there!!!

Bitcoin is going main stream this year thats forshure!!! And its not to late to get in the market!!! There is lots of room for new gains over the next 5 years that for shure!!! What do you thinknis going to happen when everyone in the streets want to use it!!!

There are also lots og gains to be maid in altcoins ! We will be covering the altcoins too!!! There is alots of interesting coins to be used! When will you buy your first crypto???

Check out this website too for great info on altcoins!!!

Altcoins heading for new Highs this week!

Altcoins is where the next thing is! NFT’s as well!!! But still it is not a bad time to get in the market forshure!!! We wil be discussing altcoins and all its uses in the meetings of BitcoinWilderness!!!

There is still alot of gems out there plus mayn many use cases of a variety of coins! There is over 9000 coins right now a number which is still growing by the day!!!

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