Bitcoin News! Going Down, Bitcoin News! Going Up!!!

Bitcoin News Going Down, Bitcoin News Going Up!!!

Bitcoin News! All the information and news you will need!!!

Bitcoin News! Going Down, Bitcoin News! Going Up!!! Bitcoin had us worried with a 20 per cent drop last week!!! It looked for a moment the Bull run is over but we are back on track!!!

The Bitcoin space is going crazy! We had a 20 per cent drop and it looked like it was going to crash! Now it is holding up again and the internet says we are going back up! Let’s see what’s going to happen and dive into this weeks content!!!
Here is the first on the list the blockchain stocks are doing better 😉 It goes without saying! Any company now that has got to do with blockchain is going to expand!!!

Bitcoin News is the main thing on the internet right now!!!

Firstly, everyone is talking about it! There is lots to learn and lots to make!!! The percentages are really something crazy and never before seen in the world!!! It is still the best time to get in! Like Max Keiser says gather those Satoshis!!!

Trust me this space is not dead and the ones that say so are fools!!! There is so much room for growth in Crypto!!!


Bitcoin News, read the CoinGecko Quarterly!!!

There is so much great information right here in this article!!! Really well presented and summarized!!! NFT tokens taking over for sure 1200x that’s just incredible!!!


Here is the Nifty Gateway sight it looks legit with 70 per cent of trading! There are others like Open Sea too!!!


According to the quarterly coin gecko, the NFT tokens have flipped Defi on Google Trends!.

This is crazy because NFT’s are a very new phenomenon!!!

Today the price seems stable and trading sideways for a bit!


Bitcoin is a new technology for the internet Web3!!!

Bitcoin is new technology! Thus you will it will grow to dizzying new heights! Secondly, because it is such a new technology you will see it grow very much in the next few years!!! Check out the videos of Michael Saylor and he is very knowledgeable in its arena!!!

Michael Sailor was the first CEO that invested his own money into Bitcoin!!!

Here is also the debate of Gold vs Bitcoin!!! Man oh man it was an awesome debate with lots to learn and think about!!! Both parties had great views on the subject of Bitcoin! Decide for yourself and see who wins the debate!!! Michael Sailor definitely wins the debate in my view!!!

Also, watch this video where Michael Sailor talks about the new technologies of our era!!! This guy knows what he is talking about! Great video to get you into Bitcoin!!!



Bitcoin Summit in Wilderness this Spring!!!

Bitcoin Summit in Wilderness this year!!! It’s gonna be a great showdown in Wilderness!!! The only show you want to join and have fun with while you are learning about Crypto!!! Crypto is the future ladies and gentleman be sure to get on the wild ride to the moon!!!

Bitcoin News and Technology for the Future!

Bitcoin is not dead! Get educated watch some videos and get in on the program!!! This is the BitcoinWilderness

signing out from the Blog!!! Hope you enjoyed it and there will be another instalment next week!!! Keep well out there!!!


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The Best currency in the World!!!

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