Bitcoin Standard Bull Market is Back!!!

Bitcoin bull market is back and it’s going to be a wild ride from here!!! Welcome to the BitcoinWilderness new blog!!! We have been a bit slow but don’t worry we are back with the best local bitcoin news and articles!!!

Bitcoin and lightning Network is winning!!!

El Salvador having some Bitcoin protest!!!

There has been some protest in El Salvador because of Bitcoin!!! Here is the link to the atm they burn down!!! The thing is its only a few people and soon they will see how much money they are making when it goes up!

And otherwise big names are using it to pay like Mc Donalds!!! And if and when it goes up they will tell other McDonalds how good it works and profitable it is to hold!!!


Bitcoin and Michael Saylor does it again!

Bitcoin and Micahel Sailor does it again!!! He just bought more Bitcoin!!! The public company that wonds the most Bitcoin at the moment!!!

Wildfarm Backpackers accepts Bitcoin in Wilderness!!!

Wildfarm Backpackers accepts Bitcoin in Wilderness!!! Yes check out the Wildfarm Backpackers!

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