Bitcoin El Salvador! Get the latest Bitcoin news!

Bitcoin Accomodation, The Wildfarm, Wilderness, South Africa!

Bitcoin El Salvador! Get the latest news about Bitcoin from around the world! Read all about Max Keiser trip to the central Americas! 

The first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin is El Salvador!

It’s a beautiful country in Central America that made the first progressive steps to adopt Bitcoin! The people have been making strides in adoption and they look to become the first Bitcoin nation!!! They have a bitcoin beach and you can use it at all vendors!


Bitcoin El Salvador Things are happening!

Watch this episode of Max Keiser and learn about how Bitcoin is changing the world! People are using it to send money remittances from another country for very low fees!  Yes no more paying 10 per cent to send money across the world!!! Bitcoin is way cheaper and way friendlier. Because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home!!!


Bitcoin Wilderness will be doing their event in the middle of December!!!

Bitcoin Wilderness aims to make the wilderness a bitcoin-friendly place as well! The Wildfarm Backpackers is one of the first places in Wilderness that accepts crypto!!! We are a digital nomads paradise!!! We have great internet and always some friendly travellers from around the world!

Bitcoin accommodation in Wilderness!!!

The Wildfarm have been going for years and have the most beautiful sunset vies in Wilderness!!! They also have a great breakfast that is included! Firstly for dinner grab a wood-fired pizza from the bar! Secondly, order a beer and sit on the deck and watch the sunset!!! Lastly, finish it off with a nice campfire or braai!

Bitcoin Accomodation, The Wildfarm, Wilderness, South Africa!

~BitcoinWilderness~ Bitcoin Summit in Wilderness at Wildfarm Backpackers!

Come and join the Bitcoin Gathering in the middle of December!!! There will be talks info sessions and other interesting Bitcoin stuff!!! We will be discussing the latest news and happenings from around the world! There will also be a party for those that want to dance and enjoy a bit of techno in the name of Bitcoin!!!


Bitcoin Summit In Wilderness


Join for the Bitcoin Summit in Wilderness in December gonna be a great way to learn and explore Bitcoin!

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