“Bitcoin makes you dream again!” Max Keiser in Elsalvador Interview!

Bitcoin is back!

The future decentralized monetary network of the World!

Good day ladies and gents watch this great interview with max Keiser in El Salvador where business is booming! The volcano bonds are coming out in Feb which is the future of bonds back by the actual virtual asset that is verifiable! This is really gonna change the game! Firstly they will use the money that comes into building the Bitcoin City! Secondly, the other half will be made into the assets and kept on the balance sheet with a 6.5 percent bond dividend!



Nowhere in Latin America is the GDP growth like El Salvador!

Watch the interview for more info but yes it’s really crazy how the economy is growing in El Salvador!!! There are a lot of people moving there because it’s the first country in the world that made Bitcoin legal tender! They have a great climate and a progressive government that endorsed the new monetary network!!! This new monetary netowrk is magic internet freedom money that can be sent anywhere in the world at any time!!!


Bitcoin is green and making the world greener!!! Read all about it!!!


Now is the time to learn more about a growing Bitcoin space!

The best time to learn is now! It’s a growing movement that is outgrowing any of the FUD! Further, more and more people are waking up to the general mainstream media lies and receipts! Put some money into the new monetary system and you will be rewarded in the long term! This is a new and exciting new monetary system that is going to grow and grow into the future! Very soon everyone will be using it in their daily lives just like El Salvador!!!


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