BitcoinWilderness Event at Wildfarm Backpackers!

Bitcoin Wilderness

BitcoinWilderness event at Wildfarm Backpackers was great fun! Meeting everyone and spreading the Bitcoin Gospel was awesome!  There were quite a few enthusiasts at the event and it seemed like we were all believers all ready!!! We exchanged thoughts and we enjoyed the discussion about this future technology!!! There are also a few mense that got orange pilled and we all left the event as Bitcoin Brothers and Sisters!


Firstly, the turnout was a small group of  Bitcoin enthusiasts and believers!

Nonetheless, we had a great time convincing a few people about his new technology! Needless to say, they were orange-pilled! The day started with the host Theo Barnard giving his presentation with some history to bitcoin and the events leading up to the discovery of Bitcoin! Yes, folks that are right bitcoin was discovered by computer scientists that worked on many problems over 40 years from the first cryptography!!!


The day started with the BitcoinWilderness presentation about freedom money!

Correct, Bitcoin is freedom money for the world! As we discussed with the current events in the world like warzones, stupid crazy covid wars in Canada, etc! Bitcoin is proving itself every day as freedom money that can be used without government control!!! In South Africa, the people have a general distrust in government because they have failed us in more ways than possible! The rand is never a good store of value and always goes down against the dollar!


Wildfarm accepts Bitcoin payments for the bar, pizzas, and accommodation!

Firstly, we want to say thanks to wildfarm for hosting the event! Secondly, they also take bitcoin payments for all their services! Wildfarm is probably the only place in the wilderness where you can pay with bitcoin!!! They are working hard to improve their service with bitcoin! The guest made two payments with Muun Wallet on the lighting network and it was instant! It’s really great to experience the technology first hand! Lastly by showcasing the tech people can see the use case!

BitcoinWilderness’s next event at 9 April at Wildfarm!

Come join us at the next event in Wilderness! Firstly, Wildfarm backpackers is just up the road and in a beautiful location! Secondly, they have awesome woodfired pizzas and there is a fully licenced bar with all the beers!!! There are also great affordable accommodation options available! You can call them or WhatsApp them on 067 416 6773!!! For example, stay over for the next event we think it’s going to be a jam-packed event! Similarly, we unite the bitcoiners that love a decentralized world!

People enjoying the vibe! Learning about the future!!!

After the presentation, there was a Questions and Answers session!

For example, there were some questions about wallets and seed phrases etc etc etc. We learned a lot during the session.  Very interesting questions were discussed. Everyone had their chance to speak! All in all, we learned a lot about the current world situation and events! We all agreed that non-custodail is the best you can do for yourself!!! That’s why MuunWallet is great and simple to use and backs up from a seed phrase! You can take all your money with you and no one can stop you just with seed phrases. It really boggles my mind that people don’t see the use case!

Bitcoin events at wildfarm!!!


Lastly, the BitcoinWilderness event had Herman from BitcoinEkasi in Mossel bay!


Hermann from BitcoinEkasi doing his talk!!!

Herman is also an old bitcoiner from 2013! So he has also seen a lot and learned a lot! So they started the BitcoinEkasi movement in Mossel bay! Firstly they have a surf school for kids from the township! They teach them to surf with sponsored equipment etc!!! It really a nice concept and grassroots movement! They received a bitcoin donation with the rules of not bringing it back to fiat and onboarding people that way!!! So they pay the coaches in bitcoin that use the bitcoin at the spaza shops etc!


Join us for the next event at Wildfarm on 9 April 2022!


Herman had some great insights into how everything works!

After the talk another Q and A! once again there were great questions coming through! Questions were answered to the best of everyone’s knowledge! You can buy airtime, electricity and shopping vouchers that one can use in checkers! It’s really interesting to find out all the knowledge the bitcoiners have! Therefore we are excited about the next event and to host everyone in the wilderness at the next event!!!


Bitcoin Wilderness Events!
Herman doing the talk about Bitcoin Ekasi!


BitcoinWilderness says thanks to Herman from BitcoinEkasi

Thanks, Herman for the talk we hope to see you again sometime! You are more than welcome to join us again in future for the vents! You won’t have to do a talk each time ;)! It’s nice to hang out with bitcoiners! Bitcoiners have hope for the future!!! Bitcoin is going to be huge in the future very near future!


BitcoinWilderness is starting a movement in Wilderness all about Bitcoin adoption!

Importantly, it is our mission at BitcoinWilderness to make Wilderness and the garden route a great destination! Bitcoin holders that want to use their money for travel! We think in the near future it is going to be huge! People will always want to travel and bitcoiners are no different!!!


BitcoinWilderness says thanks to everyone that joined us!

Lastly, BitcoinWilderness wants to say thanks to everyone that joined us for the event! This event will be doing it every two months or so! Looking forward to growing this into a bi-monthly gathering of like-minded people! Freedom from corporations and governments is going to be very important in the future! Decentralization is key to human evolution on this planet! In the end, we will need the desacralized movement of money to sustain the humans on earth! BitcoinWilderness gonna be riding the wave into the future and bring you the best info and news all the way!


“Bitcoin makes you dream again!” Max Keiser in Elsalvador Interview!


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