Wilderness, Bitcoin Gathering!


The first Bitcoin Wilderness gathering was held in Feb 2022! It was a great and fun event with all the local bitcoiners attending!!! We will have another one in early May 2022 and we invite everyone that is interested in joining us and learning about the new technology! It will be the same styled event for sure and there will be talks and information sharing as we go about the day!


Bitcoin Wilderness is following the trends in Bitcoin Universe!!!

The Bitcoin universe is big very big! People are using it in weird places around the world!!! Locally even people are reaping the rewards of using bitcoin daily! The costs are very low to transact and it’s very easy from a smartphone to send it around! Now with the Lighting network, it is super fast to send and receive Bitcoin!


Bitcoin Wilderness wants to make a Bitcoin Beach right here!

Wilderness needs to adopt the Bitcoin standard! Therefore it is in our best interest to start right now! Bitcoin Wilderness wants to onboard all the business owners in the long run! The sooner we switch over to the bitcoin standard the better it will be for everyone in the Wilderness area! Some hippies are still trying to do the talent network when all they really have to do is go onto the Bitcoin standard and they will be free!!!


Without further a due check out the intro vid by Theo barnard!

Yes, that’s a short introduction of the event that followed there will be some more videos coming soon!!! Thus check out the website and stay up to date by following our youtube channel where everything will be posted as soon as possible!!! Lastly please click like and subscribe for more on the channel!!!


Bitcoin is green and making the world greener!!! Read all about it!!!


Check out our website! www.bitcoinwilderness.co.za

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Wilderness, Bitcoin Gathering!
Check out Theo Barnard!

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