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Bitcoin fundamentals are still there! Price is noise and bitcoin still gives you freedom! Freedom to use your own money! Freedom to send your money instantly around the world! I often wonder why people still can’t see how valuable bitcoin is to humanity! Firstly I think the answer might lie in various human reasons! Bitcoin was made for global financial crises! We are witnessing this in real-time now! Read on for more!



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Secondly like I said the world is in crisis because of the absence of hard money and fiat wars!!! Easy to print money, easy to make wars!!! Bitcoin is going to change the world! Bitcoin does not change bitcoin changes you! That spoken like a true Maximalist!

Ok lastly let’s get into more maximalist stuff! For instance, there is only one reserve currency in the world! Ok, let’s say there was only one currency at a time that was trusted enough! Then, each time when one failed another took off!!! Dare I say that is exactly what is happening to the US dollar at the moment! Most importantly at some stage, something breaks and trust is lost! Only then the world will believe in Bitcoin because they have no choice!


Bitcoin is green and making the world greener!!! Read all about it!!!


No company or country can stop you from using Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is incorruptible and decentralized! Nobody owns it.  No bank or other government agency can stop you from using it! Not one person in this world can stop you! Not even many people around the world can stop you from using it and transacting in it! And that my friends are the reasons why it is the beauty of the freedom that Bitcoin brings into your life!!!


Another thing to remember is bitcoin is the oldest and the first network! A massive energy wall protects Bitcoin as the biggest network! It will be very hard for an entity or government to take over the network! Yes, bitcoin uses energy also to protect itself from attack! You would need half of the energy it uses to take over the network! it’s impossible to put it simply! It is the only truly decentralized network in the world! And therefore the best and most tested!!!


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