First Satoshi Sponsored for the BitcoinWilderness

Bitcoin is back!

First Satoshi, check out our geyser page for more information!

We started our grassroots movement in 2020 and have been doing meetups and other interesting events in the Garden Route of South Africa! Bitcoin education is the future for our children! We are showing our staff how to use it and simultaneously teaching them how they can use it for themselves!!!

Bitcoin events at wildfarm!!!

A bright orange future in Wilderness!

Bitcoin are building a circular economy in the area! We have a local community and local shops in the area that we are going to onboard! We must all work together to make these types of circular economies with out going back to fiat! That is the whole point after all!


Bitcoin makes you dream again! Max Keiser in Elsalvador Interview!

Hermann from BitcoinEkasi doing his talk!!!

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Lets go! A bright orange future is nearby!

Check out our Twitter where we post and update you on our daily events! Bitcoin is the future in Africa! Once you have your first satoshi you don’t look back! It is going to work great in Zimbabwe a country that does not have its own currency! most of our staff at wildfarm are from Zimbawe and they are going to use it to send money home! Without fees and ease of use! Firstly they can use it to send small amounts back home! They can’t do that with other currencies like


Follow us for more info and check out our geyser link at the top of the page! First satoshi for the wilderness bitcoiners!!!

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